Traditional Arts Development

Traditional Arts Development is an enabling organisation with access to a network of individuals and organisations with a vast range of skills and experience.

Traditional Arts Development is a community interest company, formed to carry on the projects initiated by Inform – a Development Agency for the Traditional Arts – which was set up as a not for profit arts organisation in 1992.  Although a new entity, created to operate as a community interest company, it is effectively a continuation of Inform and as such is one of Scotland’s longest established arts organisations working with traditional music.

Inform, and now Traditional Arts Development, initiates projects taking them to a stage where they can be self sustaining.  Over the years it has been responsible for the creation of The Living Tradition, The Tradition Bearers, Common Ground Scotland, Living Tradition Summer Schools. More recently it has helped initiate some photographic projects for festivals.

Trad’s latest initiative is to establish Adelaide’s in Bath Street as a regular concert venue, on a monthly basis. Alongside the concert programme we are also developing a series of events relating to the history of the folk revival under the title of ‘Silent Movies on the Radio’. SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWS AND BE AMONG THE FIRST TO HEAR WHAT WE ARE UP TO!!